$LEGEND utilities

$LEGEND utilities

$LEGEND token use cases

To fuel the entire Legend ecosystem and serve as the exchange method for buying collectibles, Legend will launch the $LEGEND token. With utilities like buy in Legend Market, Voting rights, exclusive discounts on merchandise and drops, Staking, and Fan engagement, $LEGEND tokens bridge the gap between sports and blockchain.

Token Utility

  • Discounts & benefits: $LEGEND token holders can use their tokens to get exclusive benefits such as discounts on ticket purchases, access to exclusive events, meet and greet with athletes, and more.
  • Sponsorships: Brands can buy tokens to sponsor teams, athletes, and the league itself. Tokens can be redeemed for advertising in stadiums, sports equipment, media outlets, and social media.
  • Voting rights: $LEGEND holders can participate in important decision-making processes, such as choosing team equipment and choosing competition dates.
  • Staking rewards: Stake $LEGEND to generate more $LEGEND.
  • Fan Engagement: Unlock exclusive access to activities with your favourite athletes and teams.

Token Rewards

  • Rewarding athletes: Tokens are used to reward athletes for their participation and performance in the competitions. These tokens can be redeemed for prizes or cash.
  • Rewarding referees and volunteers: Referees and volunteers also receive tokens as a reward for their time and effort in organizing the competitions.
  • Fostering fan loyalty: Fans receive tokens as a reward for attending sports events, cheering on their favorite teams, and sharing their experiences on social media.

Introducing a token to the sports competition ecosystem can improve the fan experience, increase sponsor participation, and foster greater transparency and equality in the competition. By rewarding athletes, referees, and volunteers, while also providing benefits to fans and sponsors, the entire ecosystem can benefit from a more equitable and rewarding system.

Overall, $LEGEND provides various benefits and utilities for sports fans and token holders, creating a more engaged and connected community within the sports world.


Name: Legend Ticker: $LEGEND Decimals: 18 Blockchain: Ethereum and Polygon Total supply: Contract address: coming soon

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